Cryzlis_by_freelancah.jpgΒ Umm so this is my first blog (URGE TO WRITE) ……couldn’t think of any better name of my blog than this………..cause this name symbolises me and obviously my blog should symbolise me…………..SO HERE WE GO “URGE TO WRITE” πŸ™‚

surprisingly i was completely unaware of my intense interest in literature stuff.M a school going girl. have to do studies and yessss a teenager most important info…..so yeah as all of uh must be knowing the mood swings and all those kinds of things during this period. So my rescue from all sorts of bad mood is reading and now writing as well…..whenever i am kinda sad (idkΒ why) i read literary things they just take me to another world and BANG!!!!!!!! Β m all gud πŸ™‚ ….i write only about the things which i can feel with my eyes closed ,ESPECIALLY FANTASY LIKE IN THE PIC ABOVE!!which i am connected to and just let the thoughts flow…….THIS IS ALL ABOUT IT AND MEH AS WELL HOPE UH LIKE IT :))



23 thoughts on “ABOUT!!!!!!!!

  1. Congratulations for the new blog! And a hearty welcome to this world dear…
    This was a great post to tell about your blog.
    Hope to keep reading your amazing stuff!!
    All the Best and warm wishes for this new journey…
    Love you as always…

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  2. Hi Pankhudi, It was surprised to read this about page ! Even I write about my imaginations and that’s the reason why my blog name is Imagineering πŸ™‚
    Same situation as you, after engineering I’m searching for jobs and this writing thing always draws my mind and that’s why there posts … Good to find someone who’s similarly interested !

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  3. Pankhudi I’ll like to see your work on my Words of Aqua blog, so if you have got a great piece that you have written recently which you have not posted here and you wish to contribute it to my blog. then get in touch with me through my contact page on the WOA blog.
    Thank you! πŸ™‚


  4. Wish you all the very best with your blog Pankhudi 😊 we all have an innate urge to write and to express ourselves πŸ“ in script but not all are gifted to write. Glad to see that you are a gifted writer. Welcome to the club of women who write 😍

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