So it’s been roughly around 25 days since i started writing this blog of mine!! And within these 25 days i have published 13 posts and 14th one was the About page. I don’t know when and how this writing interest crept into me. Quite shocking to even tell that one day like any normal day was gettin bored and i just felt like writing. “LOVE FANTASY” POEM was my first try at writing and when i showed it to my friends they loved it πŸ˜›

These 2 awards are my first awards in here and m happy that people who actually write soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well find me worthy enough to get nominated for these awards.


VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD” Β when i saw my name i was like really?????? I am just an amateur who just writes whatever she feels like and surprisingly everyone appreciates it.

soo much appreciations means a lot to an amateur like me!!!! and getting appreciated by sooo wonderful writers themselves forces me to continue my writing (NOW MY PASSION)!

i was nominated by-thegirlonthego08Β for this award of versatile blogger thanku soooo much πŸ™‚

her posts are amazing i read almost all of them and damn………they are all tooo gud


Β This is the “BLOGGER RECOGNITION” AWARD Nominated by-ujjwalrealblog

Thanku so much for this nomination. You have endlessss (i mean infinity and beyond) writing talent. I am like “WOW” by reading ur posts πŸ˜€ just amazing!!!!

and i have told before too- “CAN I HAVE UR AUTOGRAPH??”

Out of the world feeling comes to be appreciated by u allll

please do keep writing and keep me motivated and encouraged and don’t forget to point out my mistakes. Would love to hear some criticism too because i know very well that i do have some flaws here and Β there in my posts so please feel free to tell me any time.



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