I know my life isn’t goin good

Life has become much more complicated than sleep and food!!

Heights of humiliations have been reached

12th grade is most important phase is all we are preached

My smooth riding life has taken a huge downfall

Leaving me just apalled

Unable to share things with others except you😣

I just feel like my life has been screwed

My uncertain mood swings might be affecting you

But i need you by my side all through

Your time and your love is all i ever want

Its not easy to be this intimidated and stay calm

U know u are the only one who can make my day!!!

Sorry for all i have done……..

U are my only one😍 and u knw it!!

Just a matter of few months just be there

Just u is all i want…….ur support is all i want

Though a long one but yess everything i have ever wanted to say to you!!!!!

I am sorry!!! For being this desperate but can’t help😟 SORRY









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