Physically here

Mentally there!!

A place where my mind and soul yearns to be!!Β IMG-20171106-WA0010

The place where i am destined to be

Somewhere very far away

Where i am allowed to unstoppably glare at nature and freely sway wherever my heart takes me !!…

Away from homely comforts

Away from all pressures life exertsπŸ˜…


A far away place where life happens not with money but

A place where life happens under the stars and moons!!

Mornings happen with the chirping of birds and nights under the starry comfort of the sky!!

A place where we’ve got nothing to lose

Just a place where we’ve got everything to gain!!

Everything which is life!!

The real meaning of heaven…the real meaning of life!!

Travel Travel Travel…….this is where my abode lies!!


~travel fanatic soul KHUSHI




29 thoughts on “WANDERLUST!!

  1. When I read the initial lines I thought you are sad or little low these days.are you?
    Travel is really an awesome thing.i really want to but unfortunately everytime you think of going somewhere you will be indulged in studies,exams or family…
    Beautiful one wings

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      1. Ha ha.The poem name is wanderlust and you want to fly to different places and even to different heights.And obviously when you fly you to places you will be happy(khusi) and for flying you need “wings” and that’s what you first 5 letters mean.Pankh(wings)
        Sorry this was big

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