There’s always room for betterments

Always for a change hopefully gud

The one thing very dominant in all scenarios

Is Hope!!

This hope is kinda hopeless!

A temporary relief to our mind’s mayhem!!

Ironically these hopes are what keeps us going

But! Too much of anything is a nuisance

One thing to be imprinted right onto our heart and brain …

Is that we have come alone

We’ll go alone

All these people and stuff are meant to be

Meant to be but for a fixed duration

Just likes baits set in a rattrap to trap the innocent creature

By showcasing hope of a hearty eat!

Nope! Not everyone will leave but

Honestly majority will!

In the end it’s you .. your life your goals

Always expectations can be drastic!

Though hope is what keeps us going!


This “Hope Is Kinda Hopeless



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