IMG-20180226-WA0009.jpgSo………a different TOPIC this time!!

Photography……many consider it to be just a hobby thing not as a career option!!

It is seen as something which doesn’t require any special skills…. But it isn’t so!! Every thing needs certain special skills in order to excel!!

This pic!! Can’t just be taken by anyone it requires that special skill to not just beautify the subject but even the surroundings!!IMG-20180226-WA0010.jpg

Photography is not just about portraying things beautifully but also about personifying the minute emotions that each individual children or elders go through!!


This pic above is my personal favorite…..the innocence of a child enjoying even the smallest moment is what this pic is all about!!


Image Source

Plz do check this page and follow it for more heart wrenching photos!!!Β 

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