A dash of passion, a dash of horror, a tremendous amount of determination but stupidly horrifying instinct running deep within!!

So why the title grieving???

Couldn’t come up with anything more suitable as a matter of fact!!

That stupid hollow feeling of having everything still feeling largely devoid of anything plainly related to contentment?



What do you do then? How can you keep smiling when all you feel is emptiness??

Fleeing past every turmoil, turning out victorious but that bloody feeling!!

As if you want to live but you are just surviving…….

This feeling is a lot worse than just seeing it through someone else’s words

Feeling it takes it to a whole new level

You dont know what to do….you want to be lonely but you dont want to even

How come both things at the same time

It is insane…..

Maybe just maybe a bit cooling off will do things right but at the moment grievings are all i can write about……..happiness is a myth….


These damn grievings are the true teachers…what to do what not to do when to do what to expect what not to expect…..everything………




balance the two and you are good to goπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ




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